Welcome to Globosaltea!

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Thank you for dropping by.

I made this site to share my activities with my fellow artists.

Right now there is only some general information, but it will be filled bit by bit with photographic material of decorations and events as well as information about my workshops and whatever else that may come up in the process.

If you subscribe to this page, you’ll automatically receive a mail whenever I add new content.

I always like to see the wonderful things you make, so one of the albums in the Gallery is reserved for Your Creations. You can read more here.

It is also the perfect place to order my Pinch-line Technique DVD and my Step by Step tutorials

Please also visit my Spanish site, www.globosaltea.com, where you can find photo galleries of projects, decorations and street performance, as well as some information on my activities as a magician.

Have fun!


For questions, comments, suggestions or feedback on the site, please use the form on the Contact page.
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