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MeAntonio Bécares Rodríguez
3-7-1976 – Altea, Alicante, Spain

I started juggling when I was 16, with magic when I was 18 and two years later I made my first balloon dog, my first flower and a beautiful two balloon parrot, one for the parrot and one for the ring…

I loved being able to model long balloons turning them into figures… And it’s still my passion…

For many years I only knew the 260s and played with them making simple figures.

It was not until 2006, when I went to Euro-Jam in Germany that I discovered how big the world of balloons is and what one can create, an entire universe… I also discovered great professionals, who taught me every secret, every detail of the techniques that were the key to develop my own designs, and for the first time I saw balloons of different diameters, with which I could add details to the figures…
In addition to attending lectures where I learned a lot, I spent a whole year practicing what I learned in just 4 days!

Since then my view on balloons changed radically, after that I have attended the Euro-Jam every year, the last 4 years as an instructor, and next year they also want me to teach there, quite an honor. I love that event, it brings back so many nice memories, I will keep on visiting it as much as possible.

In 2007 I attended the Millennium Jam in Belgium, where I learned and I learned so much more, I also shared a bungalow with 8 Spaniards that are now part of my family, so many good experiences… Since then I do not miss any year, the atmosphere and the level of the attendees is just great and in places like this is where you can learn from the greats.

In addition to conferences, my training has much to thank Royal Sorell with great VHS, Larry Moss for the great website balloonhq where you find creations of artists from all over the world. And every one of the instructors of the workshops that I have attended.

My purpose is to continue teaching and learning of the meetings that the balloon industry gives us the opportunity to attend. And some events have already confirmed my assistance as an instructor for the coming year.

Today I am still attending as many workshops as I can to expand my knowledge about this world that I love… Balloons!



I have assisted at the following events:

  • Euro-Jam (Melle, Germany): 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Millennium Jam (Mol, Belgium): 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Twist & Shout (Boston, USA): 2011
  • Sunny Twist’n Deco (Dourdon, France): 2011
  • The Biggest Polish Balloon Decoration (Teresin, Poland): 2011
  • Twist & Shout (Phoenix, USA): 2012
  • Sunny Twist’n Deco (Arles, France): 2012
  • Onart (Vila Seca, Spain): 2012
  • Ukraine ( first balloon Ukrainian meeting): 2013
  • Russian masterclass ( Mosku ) 2013
  • balloon mannor ( Rochester NY,USA):2014
  • Twist & Shout (Rochester NY, USA):2014
  • Hamburg balloon Jam (Hamburg, Germany):2014
  • Twist & Showt ( Las Vegas , USA) 2015
  • Twist & Showt ( Dallas, USA) 2016


I have been taking part in the following decorations:

  • Euro-Jam from 2008 to 2012.
  • Millennium Jam in 2008 and 2010.
  • European Juggling Encounter Gala in 2009 with Guido Verhoef.
  • China theme decoration, 1,000 m2 in Stuttgart, Germany with Guido Verhoef in 2010.
  • The Biggest Polish Balloon Decoration 2011.
  • Under the sea scene with more than 40.000 balloons for Canniballoon in Switzerland
  • Circus Theme for Morgan Buisseret in Belgium.
  • Alice in Wonderland for Morgan Buisseret in Belgium.
  • World Champions Football Cup deco at Guadalupe Island,France.
  • Grand New Century Global Shoping mall for Stone Chang, Chengdu ,China.


  • 2009: First price Christmas shop window decoration in Benidorm, Spain.
  • 2009: First price for the decoration of a ship in a bath tub race in Altea, Spain.
  • 2010: Second price for the one balloon figure at Millennium Jam in Mol, Belgium.
  • 2011:  First price in the 12 minute competition at Twist & Shout in Boston, USA.
  • 2012: First price in the 12 minute competition at Twist & Shout in Phoenix, USA.
  • 2012: Third Price in small figure competition at Twist & Shout in Phoenix, USA.
  • 2014: First price in the 12 minute competition at Twist & Shout in Rochester, USA.
  • 2015: First price in the 12 minute competition at Twist & Shout in Las Vegas, USA.
  • 2015: First price in the 3 minute competition at Twist & Shout in Las Vegas, USA.
  • 2015: IronLatexMan at Millenniumjam in Belgium

As student

I have assisted workshops of these great teachers:

Sabina Kellner
Niko Fric
Alberto Falcone
Luc Bertrand
Colin Myles
Guido Verhoef y Dennis Hogers

Sabina Kellner
Michael Gjerek
Ori Livney
Misha de Haan
Patrick van de Ven
Dee White
Brian Asman
Arthur Tivoli

Don Caldwell
Mr. Rainbow
Michael Abrahamson
Addi Somekh
Sean Rooney
Simon Jong
Bidou y Sylvain
Marvin Hardy

Tom Bibo
Dennis Hogers y Dee White
Thelma Levett
Graham Lee
Sofie Vandewyer
Bidou and Sylvain
Happu Krenz

Patrick Brown
Sean Rooney
Ralph Dewey
Alberto Falcone
Pieter van Engen

Larry Moss
Suzanne Haring
Asi Cohen
Stretch the Balloon Dude
Tonya McNeill
Fabrizio Bolzoni
Patrick van de Ven
Sabina Kellner
Michael Gjerek
David de Bustos
Vicky Kimble
David Brenion
Asi Cohen

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