Reviews – Evaluaciones

Pinch-line DVD

“Antonio Becares Rodriquez shared with me his “Pinch Line Twist” technique.
Notice that the series of bubbles have a square-like shape instead of being round.
They are not round bubbles and they are not ear twists, something in between,
Just great.”
Ralph Dewey

“After the funny dentures and the amazing rose, Antonio created another genial technique which can be useful for twisters all around the world and which puts him between the most creative balloon artists I ever met in this community.”
Alberto Falcone, CBA

“Fell in love with Antonio’s flat pinch line technique, I use it a lot in my designs.
It gives that extra to a figure and boosts my creativity!

His way of working with balloons is innovative and very inspiring! Keep up the good work.”
Pascal Grooten

“If you test this new technique of Antonio Bécares Rodríguez, you really have a new weapon for twisters and decorators. For many years nobody has had a NEW good technique to teach us, the balloon twister professional artists, it is easy to learn and
right away you can create new figures or use it in the different applications that you
can imagine…”
Willy Monroe

“I received my copy about a week ago. Antonio presents his technique very clearly.
It will be interesting to see how balloon twisting will again make many new advances using the pinch line technique.
This changes the playing field again.”
Mary Wrzesinski

“A really clever technique, well explained and easier to learn then you might think! Besides learning the pinchline technique, there are step by steps included of the figures that Antonio makes using the pinchline, like the mouth, impressive!”
Pieter van Engen

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